Hopper bottom steel silo

PTSILO conical based steel grain storage silos can be used multi-purposely.They are very suitable to be used for various types of grain storing and processing plants such as animal feed plants, mill plants and poultry houses.They can be also used in the big grain storing or processing plants as unloading or transitive grain bins. All sidewall panels, stiffeners and access door of the silo are galvanized.

The Hopper Bottom Steel Silos are manufactured by our company PTSILO from 5 Tons to 1.000 Tons.PTSILO offers you conical based grain silos available in diameters from 3.65 m. to 7.31 m.High strength NPH steel is used for the support foots. Conical part and silo body are connected each other by the bolts and conical base is specially designed according to seismic and wind loads.

Conical part panels are designed with 4 ( four ) panels to 1 steel sheet to make more the strength.It has given 45 degrees standard angle (60 degrees is optional) The conical angles can be also manufactured 50, 55, 60 degrees as a special produce too.

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