Flat Bottom Commercial Silos

Pars Turk Silos are designed based on below standards and parameters:
The silo body and its components are designed based on the weather and soil conditions of the erection site. The durability of the silo against wind pressures is calculated according to the height of the silo specially when it is free of load.

The static and dynamic analysis of the silos are based on the vertical and horizontal pressures that is on the silo's body itself. 

The silos are designed by the CAM-CAD software and subsequently manufactured by CNC machines and controlled by the quality control department based on the specified internationals standards.

 The considered standards during the designing of the silos are as follows:
-    UBC 4 seismic standard (A° = 0.35)
-    Euro code 3 (En 1993-4-1 : 2007) Part 4.1 and DIN 1055-6+18914
-    Ansi / ASAE EP433/2001 and Ansi : /ASAE EPS45/ 2000
-    Wind speed 145 km/hr
-    The ceiling pressure (fixed weight of ceiling + snow load) 150 kg/m2
-    Capacity of the grains normally stored :
          Wheat: 800 kg/m2
          Maize/corn: 720 kg/m2
          Oats: 640 kg/m2
          Soya: 750 kg/m2

It is necessary to mention that Pars Turk Silos are designed in a way to be able to store a variety of grains within one silo.

•    Minimal required investment
•    Minimal erection costs
•    Minimal erection time

Pars Turk Silo manufactures flat bottom silos according to the customer requirements  ranged from 3.66 to 32.00 meters in diameter.

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