Hopper Bottom Commercial Silos

Our hopper bottom silos can be used for variety of purposes. These silos can be used to store different types of grain and in different processing factories such as feed mills, flour and poultry factories.

In fact all grains that are granule shaped with a smooth surface can be stored in these silos.  decrease in usage of handling equipment is the main advantage of hopper bottom silos which helps reducing the costs.

All the body components such as side walls, structures, wind rings, ceilings and vent doors are of high quality galvanized material.

These silos are produced in a variety of capacities ranging from 5 to 350 Tons and ranging from of 3/66 to 10/97 meters in diameters. The frame of these silos is of H beams with high durability.

The connection between the body and the bottom cone is by nuts and bolts and the frame is designed based on the seismic standards and the load to be placed on the silos.

The standard slope of these silos are 45° but is adjustable based on the customer requirements  to 50°, 55° and 60°.

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