Bucket Elevator

 Bucket Elevator (PTBE)


This device is used for transferring the material vertically and to the required height. Elevators are custom manufactured to the customer needs in various capacities ranging from 30 to 1200 ton/hour.


- All elevator bodies are of galvanized materials 350 gr /m2 (G-115) and up to 600 gr/m2  and the nuts and bolts are used without any kind of welding.

- A valve is designed at the top and bottom for inspection and repair purposes.

- Two valves are designed opening on the bottom of the elevator  for easier cleaning and discharge of the remaining load.

- These elevators are Equipped with adjustable screws on the bottom of the bearing for belt adjustment.

- A large load valve is designed for convenient loading.

- A small valve is designed for inspection and a larger valve for easy access of belts and spoons.

- Galvanized flanges are used to help the placement of the cans in an even row.

- The spoons are made of durable polyethylene material and is anti-static. The steel spoons can also be used based on the customer's request.

- A self-adjusting Spherical roller beaning bearings.

- Curved upper portion of the device is designed in such a way that the  elevator discharge is done with the highest performance.

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