Chain Conveyor

Chain conveyor Application:

This device is normally used to transfer grains horizontally and the grains inside are completely in a closed loop in order to avoid spillage or getting dust or dirt.


- The conveyor's body is of galvanized steel G-115, minimum Z350 gr/m2 and is connected by nuts and bolts rather than welding systems.

- The back and front part of the conveyor is assembled and sent to the project site in order to minimize the erection time of the project.

- The middle section of the conveyor is designed in a way to make the access for repairs or the replacement of the parts easily.

- For the guidance of the chain during operation and to avoid friction between the body and the chain itself, plastic rollers of UHMW material are used.

- The chain conveyor is equipped with an explosion valve, valve that prevents the choking of the grain along with a micro switch and related sensors.

- All parts of the chain is made of a special steel with a rock-well hardness of up to 50-60.

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