Poultry and Livestock Feed Silos

Pars Turk Silos feed silos and its related equipment are designed in different forms according to customer requirements. These feed silos are recommended for the storage of grain, animal feed, oily seeds and etc.

Our feed silos are designed and manufactured with an ideal structure suitable for all different weather conditions. These silos have a loading and unloading mechanism desiged by elevators and augers.
The animal feed silos with cone slope of ° 60 (roof slope ° 45), funnel ° 30 (slope hopper ° 60) in a diameter ranging from 1/83 to 2/75 and produced in capacities of 3 tons to 25 tons.

Pars Turk Silo uses only high quality structural G-90 galvanized steel sheets in its silos.
Pars Turk Silo feed silos are easily assembled at the lowest possible cost in all different locations.

With attention to the low capacities of these silos and the continues loading throughout the year, the silo doors are designed in a way to be opened and closed easily during charging of the silos to prevent the
penetration of rain and insects into the silo.

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