Silo Roof

PT Silo's roofs are among the top roofs in the world. These roofs are designed to withstand extreme snow loads, strong winds, high temperature cables and other pressures that may occur in the roof area.
For optimum filling of the silo, the roof slope is 30 degrees.

In order to provide additional strength and security, PTSILO used the CAD designing system in the production of the silo roofs. The roof angles are about 2 degrees less than the grain filling angle.

Using this feature when the silo is at full capacity  no grain is stored in the roof area and an empty space is created between the upper layer of the grains and the inner equipment of the silo roof.

Having this space causes the grains and steel sheets  not to be in contact with one another which helps reducing the temperature exchange between outside and the inside of the silo greatly.


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