Pars Turk Silo International Group (PTSILO) was established in the year 2009 with mutual investment between a foreign and Iranian company with the aim of transffering technology from one of the most credible grain storage silo manufacturers in the world.
This group started its activities in Tehran with the goal of offering solutions and latest technologies in the field of storage and processing of grains specifically storage silos and its related equipment.
Pars Turk Silo Company is considered one of the most recognized and credible brands in Iran and some other parts of the world thanks to its Joint Venture's (foreign partners) 30 year experience and the 20 year experience of the Iranian side with a very successful resume.

PT Silo plant is in an area of 60 thousand meters in two separate locations. Plant one is located in Shamsabad only 30 kilometers from Tehran and plant two is located on Karaj-Ghazvin freeway after Abyek. With the use of the latest technologies and machineries from European countries and with attention to its international standards, PT Silo is able to offer both the local and international
markets the most competitive and technically sound products.

This company is currently the largest manufacturer and designer of grain steel silos in Iran and some other parts of the world. The most advanced machines for drying grains, different types of handling equipment specially conveyor spoons, chain conveyors, grain processing equipment and seed conditioning are all parts of the product basket of this company.

 PT Silo's management invites all parties interested in our products, technologies and services to visit our projects both in Iran and abroad, our production lines and factories.

"There is always room for success for those who search for it"

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