These equipments are used for the vertical handling of grain according to the capacity needed.The rubber belt has high carrying capacity. The buckets would be either plastic or metal. The top and bottom head of the elevator are manufactured to be opened easily during maintenance.It's easy to take the belt pulley away.The elevator pipes, all connections have high damp and dust isolation.

The PTSILO bucket elevators are highly corrosion resistant and available with capacity ranges from0 up to 500 tons/hr. Every elevator has resting platform and ladder with safety ring. Safety and ease of maintenance are designed into every elevator. Upper elevator head, bottom elevator head and elevator trunks are fastened to each other by bolted system.The size of the PTSILO plastic buckets and the belt varies according to the conveying capacity of the system. The elevator motors are used together with brake.

The elevator legs are connected with bolts per 200 cm or 240 cm.2 pieces inlet hopper and buckets flanges are completely bolt connected.It is produced by PTSILO as bolted to freely carriage and facility for the loading.To make more strength the bucket elevator bottom boot steel body construction.It is coated with dust paint and galvanize against corrosion.Both sides have inspection door, and the drums are coated with rubber to prevent against sliding. There are tension adjust bolts in both sides.

These steel construction towers are made to support the high elevators. They might be painted or hot dip galvanized. There are platforms at the side of distributors and top head of the elevator.

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