The PTSILO chain conveyors are available with capacity ranges from 20 up to 1000 tons/hr.
These equipments are used for the horizontal handling of grain. The conveyor chains are made of from high tensile strength steel. By the plastic pedals mounted on the conveyor chain, all the interior friction is decreased and the capacity of conveyor is increased. These equipments are manufactured according to the capacity needed.
PTSILO conveyor chains are hardened to be able to operate in hard working conditions.
Grain carrying scraper flights efficiently reduce the friction between the chain rails and the surface of conveyor box, they are made of plastic derlin material, connected by bolted system and assembled on the conveyor chain rails. Chains move easily inside of the conveyor box on special derlin plastic bobbins which are located inside of the conveyor in intervals. The chain conveyor sprockets are made of steel and extra-hardened by cementation. In comparison with welded conveyors which consist of one complete part, the repair, maintenance and assembly of the PTSILO conveyors are much easier because of the complete bolted system used.
Bottom 4mm, side 3 mm, cover 1.5mm and bottom connection 4mm made with galvanized steel sheets. Transmission shaft 1040, steel transmission toothed and conveying chains are hardened with temper hardening. Chain links are manufactured as twisted. The chain links elongates from the twist points in sudden loads and impact. The other parts of system are prevented from sudden loads and impact.
So it makes to prevent for breaking. The plastic pallets on the chain links prevent to make friction of chains to steel body (steel to steel) during working. Electric motor works directly with redactor transmission mill,
V belt pulley, strength chain design, and the output has standard inclination; 0 degree.
Also we provide from 20 up to 1000 tons/hr. capacity screw conveyor and belt conveyors are available.

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