The heat control system must be used in the silos during the grain storage because this system allows detecting hotspots, to detect insect activity, to avoid grain reloading for monitoring grain condition.The PTSILO heat control system consists of thermo-cables, thermo-sensors located inside of the thermo-cables which read the temperature of the grain inside the silo and portable or stationary temperature monitoring system.
There are special steel ropes inside of the heat control cables which are designed to prevent extension of the cables. This heat control system can be connected to the PC and the temperature of all grain stored inside of the silos can be controlled from PC.Temperature Monitoring System By using thermocouple, temperature can be monitored at any level of the silo. There are mobile and central display units. This system also can be connected to any automation system.
Level Monitoring System:
By using some sensors, the level of the grain in the silo can be monitored.
This system can be connected to PLC automated system.
Automation System:
All the equipment mentioned above are compatible with PLC controlled automation systems.
By the automation system, temperature monitoring, level monitoring, stock control, operating the aeration and handling equipment, reporting and easy failure chec
of the system are done automatically by the system. Also SCADA is available according to client's requirement.

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