PTSILO outside ladders and roof ladders provide a safety on roof access. Spacing between sidewall ladder and sidewall, embossing on the ladder rungs are specially designed for safety and not to slide. Resting platforms are located at certain levels according to related standards. Inside ladders are also available for maintenance and the controls inside silo. PTSILO also offers circular stair and specially designed roof ladders with hand-rails and stairs optionally which are more comfortable and safe equipments. Meanwhile, inside ladders are also available.
PTSILO ladder and platforms are produced completely modular from galvanized sheets.
The holes; drilled to the strip sheet metals by CNC Punching Machine gives easiness to bolt assemble.
Both external and internal ladders can be assembled to the existing holes by using connection fittings.
The standard silo external ladder safety cage system enables people to reach the roof safely.
An eave platform can be installed below the manhole for your convenience when entering the bin or inspecting the roof. Access to the roof and the rest platform to observe from manhole are PTSILO's standard silo accessories.

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