The PTSilo silo roof is one of the strongest silo roofs available.PARS TURK SILO's roof structure specially designed and manufactured by using high strength steel with 275 gr/m² zinc coating. It provides an excellent sealing by fully overlapped, strong structure. PTSILO's roofs are framed by sturdy beams.PTSILO standard roof models are custom designed roofs and they are manufactured according to bear the specific loads such as different snow and wind loads, temperature cables and handling equipment.
The inclination of the roof is 30 degrees which provides optimum filling of the silo. To reinforce the strength and durability of the roof of grain silos with wide diameters special sturdy cross section structural roof is used.Steel Silo roof panels are designed over 4 (four) panels to provide high strength according to every side wall steel sheets and supported with high tonnage ridging.The ridging are special manufactured with PTSILO's computer aided design (CAD) to present more safety and resistance production.8.8 quality high strength galvanized bolts are used in all roof sheet connection places in order to obtain highest degree of durability of all PTSILO silosThere is one inspection- control cover on the roof of the silo.

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